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The Most sought after Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Srihari Creative Photography has been helping its clients frame their moments of happiness on well-timed photographs since decades. We do photography for the love and passion of showcasing people in their happiest moments. Perhaps, that is what has made us a top-rated choice among all wedding photographers.

Our wedding photography team is led by experienced hands and new-gen Candid photographers in Chennai who know how to make a couple look their absolute best on the most cherishable moment of their day. Our long-standing experience of covering countless clients from all walks of life makes us a perfect fit for elite wedding photography in Chennai. Srihari’s wedding photography team has worked behind the scenes of some of the much-celebrated VIP and celebrity weddings in the country.


Candid wedding photography
Traditional wedding photography
Documentary wedding film
High definition videography
Pre and post wedding photo shoot
Destination wedding photography

Our candid wedding photographers have an eye for detail and a sense of timing that makes them click photographs that capture a moment’s intimacy and bonding in all its beauty. We have an array of camera and lighting equipments that can bring to life great moments that our eyes otherwise tend to miss in a moment’s notice. Our prime motive behind candid photography is to bring out the romantic connection between the couples. We make candid wedding photography happen in such a way that couples feel totally comfortable and in their elements even when the most auspicious moment of their life is happening.

Srihari Creative Photography is a reputed brand of wedding photographers in Chennai. We entered the photography scene early on when manual film-based photographic systems were just introduced in the country. Today, we are a team of wedding photographers who deploy

cutting-edge photography tools and lighting systems to deliver images that look close to reality.

We have a team of backend technicians adept at digital editing who enhance photos to give them a surreal beauty. As one of the premium wedding photographers in Chennai, Srihari is bound by a quality and professional code that has won several accolades from all our clients.

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