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Looking for Wedding photographers to cover your marriage? We at SriHari Photos is one of the top rated wedding photographers in Chennai. ( 5/5 rating out of 48 reviews in Google, highest rated photographers in other wedding platforms ).  Book us now for modern, stylish and romantic coverage of your special day in a relaxed way. All inclusive packages starts from INR. 1,50,000. Talk to us and we shall send you some of our timeless captures of many beautiful moments.

Knowing that we are in charge of your wedding photography will allow you and your family to relax and enjoy the wedding. 794 couples and families trust our photography service over the past 18 years. We have 5-star ratings from all of them as we put our heart and soul into your wedding.

Sample portfolio picture from our wedding photographers in Chennai team

Please continue reading.. This write-up will not force you to choose our wedding photography services. This is definitely not an sales pitch. We have a good amount and referral and word-of-mouth recommendations. Rather it will make you clearly see why we are one of the best wedding photographers in Chennai with proof and by contrast and comparison. This is to educate you about various aspects of wedding photography and compare our cost, working style, offerings, process, and services against other wedding photographers in Chennai ( 17 point comparison on why we are a sought-after wedding photographer Chennai).

So without further adieu, let us dig deep into what you can expect from our wedding photography services. Happy reading. Looking forward to getting a callback and happily capture the most important day of your life along with your friends and family. Not enough time to read the entire write-up? We completely understand. Please use quick links and jump to any section you want to read.

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Wedding photography services

Our wedding photography services in Chennai have only one motto, to capture cool and candid shots of your genuine moments. You can relive and cherish these moments on your wedding day again and again for the rest of your life. You can relive all the excitement, laughs, happy tears, romantic and beautiful moments that happened at your wedding for years to come. Some of our professional wedding photography studio services include

  • Bride & groom couple portraits, 
  • Outdoor poses, Capturing South Indian Tamil Hindu wedding rituals, 
  • Church wedding rituals, 
  • Pre-wedding beach photoshoots, 
  • Designing fresh & unique creative poses, 
  • Night photoshoot, 
  • Capturing beautiful indoor stage decorations and backgrounds, etc., with full HD albums.

We cover every single event of your wedding, right from PandhaKaal nadhudhal to actual wedding to post-wedding functions. Some of the Pre- Wedding photos we capture include

  • PandhaKall Naduthal
  • The arrival of bride and family to the mandap
  • Welcoming Groom and family members as well as guests
  • Vridham
  • Sumangali Pooja
  • Nischayadartham or traditional engagement

Wedding events photos we capture include:

  • Mangala Snanam
  • Kasi Yatra
  • Onnjal
  • Maalai matrudhal
  • Kanya dhaanam or Mangalaya
  • Dharanam or Tieing the Thaali

We capture Post Wedding Events like

  • Brother in law pori iduthal
  • Sapthapadi or seven steps in wedding
  • Ammi midithal and seeing arundhati star
  • Homam & related events
  • Nalangu games
  • Reception
  • Grahapravesam
  • Katuusaadham etc

Please read further to understand our process in detail.

Candid wedding photography

With overused, staged, and planned poses, candid wedding poses are often repetitive these days. With us being in charge, you don’t have to worry about these boring images. We are one of the reputed candid wedding photographers in Chennai. We regularly come up with natural, creative, and fresh, candid couple photography, which will be so romantic and cute that you will fall in love with our work. We guarantee you that we will capture all your decisive wedding moments in a candid way that you will not even be aware of.

Of course we use the latest and unobtrusive small camera equipment’s like point and shoot cameras and DSLR cameras to capture candid moments.

How we come with beautiful Candid Images? We can attribute the success of our beautiful candid pics because we make couples comfortable, friendly, and easy around the camera so that they have only the correct amount of shyness.

You can check our candid wedding albums here.

candid click from our candid wedding photographers inChennai
Click Here

Traditional Wedding Photography

Even though a Candid picture brings out people’s emotion best and naturally, traditional photography is also very important. Our traditional wedding photography will capture images as they should be, in the formal sense. Our team has pre-planned and pre-composed hundreds and hundreds of traditional poses for couples and families. 

Our traditional wedding photography services in Chennai will cover all your wedding events in sequence, right from pre-wedding rituals to reception, where guests usually tend to stand in a queue to greet and wish couples, which require traditional poses and photography.

Traditional wedding photography services in Chennai

Lockdown Wedding Photography

We live in tough times. Amid this pandemic covid – 19, the government strictly reduced the number of guests allowed in weddings (max 50 guests can attend). And many families prefer home weddings this season. We understand these challenges. Our homes are usually not very big and in no way comparable to a wedding hall. However, within these restricted spaces, we mastered the art of capturing creative photos. We provide excellent lockdown wedding photography services for home weddings, keeping the following things in mind.

  1. Safety measures of families involved, couples, photographers, and guests.
  2. All our photographers, lighting assistants, and camera assistants are vaccinated.
  3. All our team members and photography assistants are subjected to thermal body temperature checks. 
  4. Our team members use all safety precautions, including hand gloves, double masks, sanitizers, etc. So safety is guaranteed from our end.

Groom Portraits

No wedding photography will be complete without capturing the timeless image of the hero of the day, handsome Bride Groom, and lovely smile. Our wedding photographers in Chennai will bring out the groom’s best version by making them extremely comfortable with our friendly team. Therefore, groom portraits are a very important part of our wedding photography packages. 

Some of the poses we design and shots we take are listed below.

  1. Getting ready shots. 
  2. Adjusting cuffs / Ties shots. 
  3. Holding jacket behind. 
  4. Looking out of Window / Door poses. 
  5. Groom pose in traditional panchagajam / Dhoti / Veshti. 
  6. Pose with an umbrella during Kashi Yatra. 
  7. Pose in coolers with traditional attire. 
  8. With friends dragging, throwing up in the air kind of poses
  9. Side portraits 

Talk to us for more groom portraits etc., if you wish to have a look.  


Bridal Portraits

Of course, the major spotlight of any marriage photography will fall on brides. Ours is not an exception. Our candid wedding photographers will bring out the best of the bride’s emotion in its full beauty. We know how important a wedding day is for a bride, and we play a role as part of our photography packages so that our brides can relive their most important day for many, many years to come. 

Some of the poses we design as part of the Bride portraits include 

  1. Getting ready shots. 
  2. Saree / make up shots. 
  3. Traditional dress along with coolers shots. 
  4. Hair-do shots. 
  5. Bangles/ Mehandi shots
  6. Side portraits. 
  7. Lehanga captures. 
  8. Shots through saree/dupatta.
  9. Top angle shot with
  10. Shadow photography. 
  11. Mobile reflection shots. 
  12. Bridal entry shots. 
  13. Shots with family and friends. 
  14. With wedding Jewelry shots ( necklaces, Bangles, and earrings). 
  15. Special poses for special outfits, including blouse designs. 
  16. Mirror and reflection shots. 
  17. Long robe/ silk saree shots. 
  18. Black and white shots
  19. Backshots. 
  20. Bridesmaids shots with Braid.
  21. Bride with pets shots. 

The essence behind our bride portrait wedding photography is to capture the beautiful brides in all their glow.

Couple Portrait Photography

Let us be completely honest for a moment. Even though we enjoy all aspects of wedding photography, couple portraits are our favorites by far. Maybe love in the air, maybe the energy or excitement, maybe the romance or exuberance of youth. We don’t know. But, one thing is for sure. We always look forward to a couples photoshoot. 

So, being one of the top-rated wedding photographers in Chennai, we create beautiful couple portrait photography that  covers the following poses. 

  • Forehead kiss. 
  • Piggyback shots. 
  • Resting on the shoulder shot. 
  • Hand in Hand shots. 
  • Nose touching poses. 
  • Romantic looks shot. 
  • Candid couple shots when dancing. 
  • Hugging from backshots. 
  • Leaning through window shots. 
  • Cute. 
  • Cuddling shots. 
  • Groom lifting Bride shots. 
  • Lying down photos. 
  • Beach shots. 
  • Heart sign with bride and groom hands shots
couple portrait photography by srihari

You can check some of our couple portraits by contacting us. Wonder the secret behind the beautiful clicks? The secret to these couple portraits is to make the young couples break the ice with the camera and understand public display of affection is good for great portraits.

Creative Coverage of wedding rituals and ceremonies

As part of wedding photography services in Chennai, we cover all the wedding rituals, ceremonies, homams, poojas, etc., in traditional shots. So we are well versed with Brahmin, Hindu, Christian wedding rituals, and we will not miss shooting a single wedding ritual & ceremony. Whether it Hindu wedding ceremonies like Nischayathartham ( engagement) or Jaana vaasam (maapillai Azhaipuu), Muhurtham, or Christian wedding rituals like ring exchange and exchanging vows, we will not miss a single wedding event.

Hindu wedding rituals photos by Srihari

Traditional Wedding Videography that captures emotional and beautiful moments

As leading wedding photographers in Chennai, we offer wedding videography services also. We follow some contemporary ideas, including documentary-style wedding videos, Cinematic wedding videography that covers all the traditional aspects of a wedding. Our wedding videos typically run for around two and a half hours to 3 hours. ( 150 minutes to 180 minutes). We have excellent in-house video editors, Photoshop specialists, etc., to bring high-quality wedding videos and photos to you. Our full HD wedding films will bring out all your emotional and beautiful moments in an aesthetic way. We use professional cameras, excellent lightings, helicams, and drones to capture videos.


Black and White Wedding Photography

Our wedding photography packages always had this component. Some customers prefer candids, some prefer traditional, while some prefer cinematic. But almost all of my clients’ timeless black and white wedding photography. Whether it is portraits or candid or traditional poses, black & white frames and settings will always be classy, elegant, and timeless. So, always expect few black and white wedding pics from us when we cover your wedding.

Drone Wedding Photography in Chennai

Experience breathtaking drone wedding photography right here in Chennai with SriHari photos. We use drones and small helicams with correctly fitted cameras and equipment to capture your wedding events. This arrangement is an optional part of our wedding photography packages. If you choose this feature, you can enjoy breathtaking ariel shots of your wedding. Some of the advantages of using drone photography in your wedding are

  1. Better coverage of wedding venue. 
  2. Aesthetic photographs of your big family and friends. 
  3. Aerial shots that add richness to your wedding. 
  4. Just for your note, that an outdoor photograph enhanced by a drone.

Vintage Wedding Photography

We are one of the very few photographers to offer south Indian vintage wedding photography. Imagine the benefit of having a few timeless vintage shots of your wedding. You may collage that with your parents and even your grandparent’s wedding pics. Won’t that be nice? Besides, as the saying goes, old is always gold.

So some timeless vintage retro shots with antique props will bring an all-new dimension to your wedding album. And if you wish and if your budget permits, we can elevate this experience with retro costumes, light and soft color sets, traditional jewelry, and decors.

Destination wedding Photography

Whether you are looking for coverage of your beach wedding, wedding in a resort in ECR or OMR, or destination weddings in Indian places like GOA.. don’t worry. We offer destined wedding photography services in Chennai. In fact we have covered several destination wedding in Germany, Italy, France, Europe and all over the Indian subcontinent. 

We have thorough knowledge about logistics and travel challenges along with spot challenges. We have handled these challenges in the past successfully. In fact, we have developed an SOP for covering destination wedding photography.

Documentary style wedding photography

Many young couples look for documentary-style photography these days, and we specialize in delivering it. We shall capture all the events in your wedding candidly with many black and white shots in a narrative style. Essentially it will be a lot like going over all those wedding moments from a guest or 3rd person point of view. So you can enjoy your wedding completely forgetting that you are being photographed.

Pre-wedding photoshoots in Chennai

Apart from wedding photography services, we are also one of the leading pre-wedding photographers in Chennai. With many increasing numbers of couples opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot, we started to focus on this category from 2014.

So far, we have captured pre-wedding photoshoots for 100’s of young couples in the city. Some of the outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot locations where we regularly conduct photoshoots include 

  • DakshinaChitra. 
  • Mahabalipuram. 
  • Beaches in ECR. 
  • Semmozhi poonga & other parks. 
  • Pondicherry. 
  • Mylapore streets & temple. 
  • Royapuram tracks. 
  • Resorts in ECR, including Radisson. 
  • Lakes, woods & quarry. 
  • Metro bridges (Alandur). 
  • Cinematic shoots in MTC buses & local trains. 
  • Choki Dhani. 
  • Muthukaad lake 

Some of the pre-wedding shots you can expect from our staple includes 

  • Customary forehead kiss shots. 
  • Hug from back poses. 
  • The couple heart sign poses. 
  • Classic leaning on shoulder pose while walking shots. 
  • Piggybacking and man lifting girl poses. 
  • Romantic poses in saree. 
  • Cute car poses. 
  • Creative jeans & bike – bullet themed poses. 
  • Cycle handlebar poses. 
  • Causal candid poses with a guitar. 
  • Gown and umbrella love shots. 
  • Leaning against each other against wall poses. 
  • Bullock cart poses. 
  • Lying in the lap poses. 
  • Proposal shots. 
  • Romantic evening/night shoots. 
  • Early morning beach sunrise photoshoots. 
  • Rainy day poses. 
  • Cozy shots ( of course very responsibly.. no adventures here). 
  • Jeep Shots. 
  • Underwater pool shots with adequate safety measures. 
  • Fitness/yoga/push up shots. 
  • Boat poses. 
  • Studio poses

These are just standard snaps couples expect these days. But we improvise a lot after having interactions with the couple. Please note that we are very responsible and we will not cross the line when it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots. It will be elegant, decent, yet fun. We promise you our preparations for pre-wedding photoshoots will be thorough and safe for security, lighting, confidentiality, privacy, etc.

Outdoor couple photography

We also offer outdoor couple photography as part of our wedding photography services in Chennai. Outdoor couple photography will always bring the best out of any couple. Maybe it is because of natural lighting, open spaces, love in the air, or whatever. It tends to bring the best out of couples. 

Some of the outdoor locations where we usually conduct photoshoots are 

  • Beaches. 
  • Parks. 
  • Resorts. 
  • Train/ Bus / metro/ boat / bullet bike / cycle. 
  • Hill stations nearby Chennai. 
  • Puducherry. 
  • Temples. 
  • Railway tracks etc.

Post-wedding photoshoots

We over post-wedding photoshoots with family for capturing events like Grahapravesam, Decorated car visit to the home, family group photos, friends group photos, etc. Tried yet relaxed faces will be captured elegantly. We also shoot few post-wedding photoshoots with couples like just married poses.

Professional Wedding films. videos & Cinemas

Our USP is we consider ourselves as a photojournalist, not just a photographer. Being a photojournalist, how can we not give our best work in the wedding films and video category? You will get high-quality HD wedding videos on a DVD as well as USB Pendrive. Our in-house team will edit these videos skillfully, consisting of video editors, graphic designers, and photoshop artists. Apart from traditional wedding videos, you will also get an edited documentary-style playlist and cinematic HD album. As a bonus, you will also get a choreographed wedding promo song involving couples and families.

Cinematic wedding videography

As explained in the previous section, our cinematic wedding videography comes with 2 DVD HD albums + 12 GB pendrive containing all the videos in formats such as mp4, WMV. So we capture the wedding events in its true glory.. laughs and cries, high emotions, happy tears.

Artistic Wedding Photography in Chennai, Tamilnadu

You can see some of our artistic shots here.

Reception Photography

Right from covering arrival bride and groom to the reception stage to exchange garlands to mandatory formal poses to family photos with bride and grooms parents, sisters-in-law, and brother-in-law to guest standing in queues to hand over their wedding gifts dont miss anything. We also pay equal attention to wedding cake cutting, post-reception photos, etc. 

We aesthetically cover dinner buffets/ sessions also without intruding on the privacy of the guest. Also, we cover music, dances, partying, and DJ (if used) events in the reception function. 

Engagement Photography

https://www.srihariphotos.com/engagement-photography-in-chennai/We cover two types of engagements. The engagement (Nischyarthartham) happens the day before the wedding and stand-alone engagement function (usually arranged on behalf of the Groom’s side). You can check more about engagement photography prices and packages here.

What you will get from our wedding photography services?

As one of the leading wedding photographers in Chennai, we are obsessed with customer satisfaction and quality control. Besides, we educate our customers about the deliverables of our wedding photography packages. Some of the key deliverables are 

  1. 3 to 5 one-one consultations with couples and parents regarding planning & execution. 
  2. Wedding photography coverage of all weddings and related events. including candid photos, traditional photos, romantic photos, couple/bride/groom portraits, etc. 
  3. Wedding Videography coverage of all wedding-related events, including traditional wedding videos, documentary-style videos, and cinematic-style videos. 
  4. Expert level professional editing and post-production work of photos and videos using photoshop experts, graphic designers, sound engineers, and experienced video editors. 
  5. Handing over 3 Photo albums with 100 pics each. these albums are aesthetically designed with high-quality prints and binds. 
  6. Handing over three wedding DVDs.
  7. Handing over photos and videos in 12 Gb pendrive.
  8. Handing over photos and videos within two weeks of completion of the wedding besides sharing lots of unedited originals pictures via email or cloud.

Gadgets & cameras used by our wedding photographers

We use the latest cameras, gadgets, tripods, additional memory cards, accessories, etc., in our gear so that nothing is left to chance or uncertainty. Some of our regularly used wedding photography gears and accessories are as follows. 

  • Tripods – 3 numbers. 
  • Bunch of memory cards. 
  • Power backups. 
  • Lighting equipment and flashguns. DSLR cameras (Canon EOS 90D ), 
  • Fujifilm X-S10, 
  • Sony Alpha A7 II, Nikon D750, etc. 
  • Back up LEDs mounted on cameras. 
  • Spare batteries. 
  • Safe and secure camera bags etc. 
  • Drones and helicams. 

The only reason we are telling this is to make you confident that our professional wedding photography services will be completely prepared and ready to capture your marriage function without any hiccups or delays, or compromises. So you can be 100% relaxed at your wedding. You can enjoy the day with your family and friends as we take care of capturing your memories.

SriHari Photos Vs. Other Wedding photographers in Chennai - Comparison table

Here are the 17 point comparison on why we are one of the sought after wedding photographers in Chennai. 

No Wedding Photography Services Services SriHari Photos Other Wedding photographers in Chennai
1 Consultation Meetings Yes. 3 to 5. One or Two.
2 Pricing Transparency Yes. Standard pricing. You can check pricing page at the end of this table.. Arbitrary pricing.
3 Experienced photographers Team average experience is seven years. Less than two years.
4 The number of wedding functions committed per day. Only one wedding committed per 3 days for quality purpose. Commit multiple weddings per day. Use freelancers and street photographers for human resources. Compromise on quality.
5 Use of amateurs as camera assistants Strictly no. Yes, for cost-cutting.
6 Knowledge in Wedding rituals Complete knowledge ( even better than iyer / Sastrigal / priest) Bits and pieces
7 Time management On time 100/100 N/A
8 Deliverables Unlimited deliverables in terms of photos and videos. May charges per photo basis
9 Safety measures Team members completely vaccinated. Thermal temperature checks. Not sure
10 Gadgets/cameras/ lens We use the latest and trendy accessories Not sure
11 Newest trends Yes N/A
12 Different styles Yes. Candid + Natural + black & white + Cinematic + Outdoor Maybe one or two styles.
13 Back up team and bench strength Two backups readily available for every key team member. Doubtful. For cost-cutting.
14 Concept wedding photography Available Very rare
15 Affordable Completely affordable for the quality we deliver. Some are very much overpriced for the same quality as we provide.
16 Adult wedding photography Strictly no May agree.
17 Home visit for consultancy Yes. Adhering to safety measures. Not sure.

You can check about wedding photography packages here. 

SriHari Wedding Photography Portfolio

You can check our portfolio here. Also, please feel free to check our wedding albums and contact us to know more about our style and approach.

Our approach towards marriage photography

We are a budget friendly wedding photographer in Chennai with a professional approach to wedding photography. As much as we love to take candid clicks, we love to plan everything from setting client expectations to planning meetings to execution to post-production and, finally, delivery. So we plan everything meticulously and in detail. You can understand our approach by following the process.

  1. You contact us via form or call or word of mouth for enquiry about wedding photography.
  2. We shall understand each other’s requirements briefly and decide on a meeting or zoom call.
  3. We meet the couple and parents either in our studio or in your home, showing many of our sample works, answering all your queries, discussing pricing terms, etc.
  4. We send you a formal quotation if you insist (optional).
  5. Again, we meet the couple to understand them better, their comfort zone, family traditions, their expectations, wedding venue, itinerary on the list, number of guests, decorators, hairdressers, etc.
  6. We will have a meeting or call with stage decorators, makeup artists, musicians, caterers, etc., for better coordination.
  7. We shall visit the wedding hall ( if it is new to us ) and understand ventilation, lighting, and space facilities will help us compose our shots better.
  8. Again, have a meeting with couples and families about VIPs and important colleagues and relatives in the guest list to cover them better.
  9. Re-assurance call the night before the actual wedding function commencement to give confidence to you.
  10. Covering all aspects of the wedding without missing anything with backup team members, extra backup accessories, etc.
  11. Within two weeks of your wedding and upon completion of graphics, editing, and post-production work, including sound mix-up, we shall deliver full HD albums to you.

Pricing & packages

We offer the most budget-friendly and affordable wedding photography packages in Chennai, and you are most welcome to check our prices, split-ups, discounts, etc., on this wedding photography pricing page.

Wedding Photography books Published by our CEO

Our CEO, Mr. SriHari, authored a semi-autobiographical book Yadhum Oore Yavarum ‘Smile Please’, chronicling a photographer’s journey, dreams, and aspirations. This book was released by Mr. L. Ganesan, Former Rajya Sabha MP. This book is well received among South Indian Photographers. 


You can pick up the brain of the man who is going to cover your wedding photography by buying his book from Amazon using this link. 

Awards & Recognition

SriHari and team are awarded as top wedding photographers in Chennai by the Photojournalist association of South India. Besides our CEO Mr. SriHari won numerous awards and recognitions from magazines like Kalki, Vikatan, etc. You can check awards received by SriHari photos here

11 reasons why SriHari photos is one of the best wedding photographers in Chennai

Why SriHari is the Best Wedding Photographer in Chennai compared to 340 other wedding photographers in Chennai?

There are many reputed wedding photographers in Chennai, including few big names. All of them are good in this domain. But here, in this section, we are going to reveal reasons why SriHari is the best wedding photographer in Chennai. 

With well over a decade of professional wedding photography experience, SriHari is voted one of the top wedding photographers in Chennai. So, here are the reasons why SriHari is the best wedding photographer in Chennai without further adieu. 

  1. Creative wedding photography in Chennai at affordable rates: Most modern wedding couples are looking for something creative in their wedding photography. SriHari is consistently voted the best wedding photographer in Chennai because we provide affordable creative wedding photography in Chennai. So basically, you can realize your wedding dream with your loved ones within your budget and not burning your pockets or having a huge hole in your pocket. So fill up the enquiry form or call us to know our creative wedding photography Chennai rates.
  2. Best wedding photographers in Tamilnadu: Based on the popular vote in sites like JustDial, Sulekha, Wedmegood, ShaadiSaga, Canvera, etc., we are undisputedly number one wedding photographer in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Try searching for the best wedding photographers in Chennai? in sites like Quora, you can find hundreds and thousands of happy customers vouching for us.
  3. Best Pre-wedding photographer in Chennai: We are known for our pre-wedding photography in Chennai with various poses, including in different resorts, places, and outdoor locations. We come up with multiple creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for dresses. For the Pre-wedding photoshoot, we shoot candid photos in different locations like the beach, garden, indoor, studio, etc. Some of the cute unique poses we specialize in are night poses and evening poses, casual poses, romantic poses, sunset poses, traditional poses, long saree, etc.
  4. Rated as Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Chennai: SriHari Photos is regularly rated as one of the top 10 wedding photographers and top 20 wedding photographers in Chennai by leading magazines including Puthuyugam, Kalki, etc.
  5. Special attention to reception photography: Apart from capturing all the traditional ritual events, we also give equal importance to creative reception photography, including lighting and flash, couple stills, group poses, family poses, friends pose, indoor decorations, dinner, engagement before the reception (in 2-day weddings), capturing night and dark ambiance, bridal makeup, capturing lehenga, Mehandi events, capturing saree aesthetically, especially in south and Tamil weddings. Cinematic Bollywood style song editing etc.
  6. Special attention to Engagement Photography: Special attention will be given to events and poses related to engagement. For example, ring exchange poses, hand focus, classy couple-hand-love-pose, decoration, hairstyle, nischayathartham ceremony coverage, thamboolam coverage, Patrika reading coverage, etc.
  7. Design of Creative poses: We are a pioneer in wedding photography in Chennai as we design very creative and candid wedding poses. Some of them are listed above. Some other poses include portrait size poses, black and white poses, wrap and kiss pose, chase pose, lean and kiss pose, peek pose, follow me pose, lift and laugh pose, selfie pose, forehead rest pose, etc.
  8. Capturing Wedding Venue: Apart from capturing people, we strongly believe in capturing props beautifully. In that sense, we capture all the beautiful elements of wedding halls, also called Kalyana mandapam. 
  9. Capturing rituals: Rituals are an essential part of Indian, especially south Indian Tamil weddings. We capture these rituals beautifully with their true real meaning and belief system. Some rituals like oonjal, garland exchange (maalai maatru), viratham, traditional engagement by a priest (nichayarthartham),kannikadhanam, Saptapadi, sangeet, baraat, Kasi yatra, Aarati, Agni Homam, etc.
  10. Wedding story and theme: We approach every wedding with a theme and create a video out of it.
  11. Latest Camera and Equipment: We use the most advanced and latest cameras, equipment, lightings, drones, editing tools, etc., to make sure the outcome is exactly as you expect it to be.
  12. Most affordable wedding photography packages in Tamilnadu: We are considered best budget wedding photographers in chennai. Try searching Google for the term Indian wedding photography price list pdf. You will get price list from various wedding photography vendors in Chennai. You can compare our price against them to understand why Srihari provides budget friendly cheap wedding photography prices packages without compromising on quality. This marriage photography price comes as a complete package and not based on per day price or per hour cost. Our creative wedding photography chennai cost includes album design, wedding films, portfolios etc.
  13. Transparent and fixed pricing: Our prices and costs are fixed. In fact we are on of the very few famous wedding photographers in Chennai with price that is both fixed and as well as transparent. You are most welcome to visit our gallery and check out wedding images and pictures. We have separate female wedding photographers in out team to cover bridal makes up.

About our Team

  1. SriHari – CEO & Creative Director Of Photography And Videography. 
  2. Rajesh – Cheif editor, VFX specialist, photography, cinematography.
  3. Sankar – Head – Sales & Marketing Team.
  4. Vidhya – Graphics designer, video editor, visual designer

You can check more about us here. 

Reviews & Testimonials

You can read all the reviews & testimonials of us below. Then you will easily understand why we are the best wedding photographers in Chennai.


FAQs about Wedding photographers in Chennai

Questions about SriHari photography

Who is your main photographer?

Our CEO Mr. SriHari is the main photographer, and he is the Creative Director Of Photography And Videography. Besides, he will be joined by other senior photographers and Videographers.

What is your total years of experience?

SriHari and his team have over 15 years of experience covering weddings of different backgrounds, cultures, languages, and religions. So our team has the right mixture of both  experience and youthful exuberance for creative work like this.

How many weddings have you covered?

We have covered over 700+ weddings so far.

Who are the important members of your team?

SriHari – CEO & Creative Director of Photography and Videography. Mr. Rajesh is chief editor and is taking care of Vfx, and he also assists in photography and cinematography. Mr. Sankar heads the sales, marketing, and customer support, team. Vidhya takes care of Graphics design, Visual Design, and video editing.

What are the areas you serve?

We serve all over Chennai in localities like West Mambalam, Mylapore, Nanganallur, Madipakkam, Triplicane, Anna Nagar, Adyar, T. Nagar, Nungambakkam, Boat club, KK Nagar, Kobdambakkam, Vadapalani, Adambakkam, Mandavai etc. Besides we also cover the wedding in outstations like Pondicherry, Madurai, Trichy, etc.

Questions about wedding photography

What types of wedding photographs do you take?

We take all types of wedding photography, including traditional photos, candid photos, black and white photos, portrait-style photos and outdoor photos.

Is there a limit to the number of photos you take?

No. there is no limit. As the event unfolds, we like to capture every unique emotion.

Will you give albums, or is it only a soft copy of photos?

We provide beautifully designed albums and edited photographs in soft copy via pen drives and DVDs in jpeg and png format.

How many days will you allocate for each wedding to capture photographs?

That depends. But usually, We will allocate two to three days for capturing all the events in a wedding.

When can I expect to get photo albums after the wedding?

You will get your complete printed wedding album within two weeks of your wedding. This is the maximum estimate.

Questions about pre-wedding photoshoots

What locations you will shoot for the pre-wedding album?

Many locations. For example, beach, resorts, Chokidhani, Dakshichitra, etc.

Is it safe for public pre-wedding photoshoots?

Absolutely. We will choose only the safe locations and timings for such public photoshoots. Besides, our set assistants will ensure the safety of the couples.

Is pre-wedding photoshoot part of your wedding package?

Unfortunately, no. Pre-wedding photoshoots are not part of our standard wedding packages. You need to book for pre-wedding photo shoots separately. 

How long do pre-wedding pictures take?

It might take one to three days to complete the shoot for pre-wedding albums. But if planned correctly we can finish in a weekend.

Is a pre-wedding shoot necessary?

It is purely up to you to decide. It is not part of standard packages anyway.

Questions about pricing

What will be the total wedding photography packages?

Please check out our pricing page.

Is the price negotiable?

Usually, we don’t negotiate. But considering the pandemic and lockdown don’t hesitate to contact us for a good discount.

What are the modes of payment?

Bank transfer, Cheques, UPI are our preferred payment modes.

How many installment options available?

We usually provide three installments.

Why do wedding photographers charge more? Will you also charge more?

We don’t know about others. We are very transparent about pricing. We provide affordable and budget friendly wedding photography services in Chennai.

Questions about Terms & conditions, policies

Will, there be an agreement or contract?

No need for such formalities. But if you insist, we can support you about that.

Is there any hidden terms & conditions that I should know about?

Nothing. Everything is transparent. But one condition from our end is, we will not shoot glamorous/adult pre-wedding photoshoots and “Trash the dress” or “Fearless bride” kind of photoshoots.

Did I hire a wedding planner? Will you work with them?

Absolutes yes. In fact we are close associates of many wedding planners in Chennai city.

We are planning for a DJ wedding reception night with Hindi and Tamil wedding songs. Will you cover that?

It is not part of our standard plan. But we shall cover such choreographed wedding song events at a small additional cost.

Will you cover only Hindu weddings?

No. We cover weddings happening across multiple religions. In fact we covered lots of Christina and Tamil Muslim weddings.

Questions about Albums

How many printed wedding albums will you provide?

We provide 2 to 3 printed wedding albums.

How long do I have to wait to get the wedding album?

Minimum two weeks from the date of the wedding.

Will you give additional copies of my album?

Yes, we provide two copies of the album. One for the bride side and another one for the groom side.

Will a soft copy of my wedding album be provided?

Yes. We will provide soft copies of your wedding album in duds and pen drives.

How many wedding photos will be there in the album?

70 to 100 photos will be in an album.

Questions about wedding Videos

What types of wedding Videos will you provide?

We provide three types of wedding videos. They are 

  1. Cinematic styled videos. 
  2. Documentary-styled videos and 
  3. Traditional videos.

What will the duration of each video?

The duration of each wedding video will be 55 minutes to 3 hours.

How will you deliver the wedding videos?

We shall deliver the wedding videos via DVDs, pen drives, or via the cloud.

General questions

What other events apart from weddings, you render your service?

We capture events like upanayanam, Engagements, Shastiyarthapoorthis and Banquet photography.

Questions about meetings

Where can we meet to discuss about photography packages?

We can meet in our office in West Mambalam or your house or a commonplace like a coffee house.

Are you open to online meetings?

Considering this pandemic, we are completely ok with online zoom meetings.

Do we have to pay in advance in the first meeting itself?

No, not at all. Take your time. Talk to us as many times as you want before even thinking about costing us. We understand that this is your most important day, and we don’t want to pressurize you into faster decisions.

Question regarding approach towards quality

What is your approach towards quality?

We collaborate only with experienced team members, high-quality cameras, adequate accessories, the strong backup team with good bench strength to ensure the quality of wedding photos.

Just saw your albums. How come you come up with beautiful couple portraits?

We make couples friends with our camera and, more important, with our team. Maybe they are very comfortable with the whole ambiance we create for them. That is why you see such beautiful pictures.

Does any other QC approach that I must know?

We are ISO certified wedding photography company.

Areas covered in Chennai

What are the areas you cover in Chennai?

We serve all over Chennai in localities like West Mambalam, Mylapore, Nanganallur, Madipakkam, Triplicane, Anna Nagar, Adyar, T. Nagar, Nungambakkam, Boat club, KK Nagar, Kobdambakkam, Vadapalani, Adambakkam, Mandavai etc. Besides we also cover a wedding in outstations like Pondicherry, Madurai, Trichy, etc.

Questions about Communities covered

What community photography you specialize in?

Almost all communities. Brahmin wedding photography, Iyer wedding photography, Iyengar wedding photography, Vanniyar wedding photography, Chettiar wedding photography, Mudaliaar wedding photography, Thevar wedding photography, Kongu wedding photography, Hindu wedding photography, Christian wedding photography, Muslim wedding photography, etc.


Hope you understood who is the best wedding photographer in Chennai? Why are we one of the top wedding photographers in Chennai? What to expect from typical wedding photography services? What is the wedding photography packages in Chennai? How we provide the best candid wedding photography services and how we are affordable and budget friendly wedding photographers in Chennai. Hope to get a call back from you. Best wishes for your future and happy marriage life. 

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